The glossary below contains many of the terms you will find in common use throughout the Symantec Security Response website. Please refer to this list to find definitions of terms and answers to other Internet security-related questions.

Premium Policy Change

A non-urgent request to alter the firewall rule set or VPN connections to a Symantec Premium Monitored and Managed Firewall or Premium Monitored and Managed ISA. In the case of ISA, a Premium Policy Change can also be used to alter the Antivirus Definitions or Content and URL Filtering Policy of the device. All Symantec Premium Monitored and Managed Firewall and Premium Monitored and Managed ISA Services include unlimited Premium Policy Changes per month as part of the service. Clients are limited to one Premium Policy Change per day. Premium Policy Changes are queued when they are received. Symantec guarantees that Premium Policy Changes will be completed within six hours of receipt of the request by Symantec. While additional Premium Policy Changes cannot be purchased, Emergency Policy Changes can be purchased at any time for all levels of service.