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Outstanding Customer Support How and When You Need It

Stay issue-free with consistent, reliable customer support from Norton

In a world where business, social engagement and the flow of information never sleep, the Norton Support team understands that support may be needed at any time.

Norton offers four channels of support in the form of phone, chat, social support and community forums to meet your needs. In recognising that the digital world is always on, support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Eliminating the call centre dread

Calling on technical support in a time of agitation, holding for a long period, responding to robotic answering machines only to hang up in frustration — these are experiences everyone has had, and dreads. Phone and chat support from Norton breaks the trend with a fast and efficient experience.

Forget long queues and irritating hold music. The waiting time to speak to a Norton expert is just under one minute (Global English 53 seconds – May 2015). On average, almost all issues are dealt with within 15 minutes (Global English 14 minutes, 14 seconds – May 2015), so you can get back to living your online life quickly and safely, like Rose-Marie D., who says, “[The Norton expert] was beyond excellent in every way. He understood my problem immediately and fixed it quickly.”

Our support team members display patience and understanding, helping the customer feel at ease, regardless of their situation. Like Peggy L., a prime example, says, “I couldn't ask for a better service. I am 72 and certainly not a computer wizard. [The Norton expert] was patient, professional, knowledgeable and courteous. He zeroed in on my issue very quickly and walked me through the resolution. I get a little nervous when it comes to technical issues but he made it very easy….”

The team’s objective is to accurately resolve the issue the first time you call, with a first-time resolution rate of nearly 80 percent. (Global English 78.5% – May 2015)

Spend time doing other things while chat and remote support do their work

Chat support not only saves money on a phone call, but it also allows you to do what you want while getting the help you need, which is why it appeals to the 70 percent of Norton customers that choose it.

“It’s the convenience of it — the fact that you can be on hold while you’re doing something else — you can be surfing the Web or reading the paper, you don’t have to hold the phone up to your ear,” says Annica Pender, Senior Director Global Customer Services.

Remote assist technology, which is built in-house, compliments the chat support experience — you can leave your computer unattended, while the Norton expert fixes your issue.

Norton customer Wayne E. enjoyed a truly relaxing and stress-free experience, saying, “I even fell asleep and [the Norton expert] assured me by the time I woke up 'everything will be fixed,' and she didn’t disappoint.”

Those who are less computer literate need not be intimidated by the concept of chat support. If you run into difficulties, just call on remote assistance like Tracy H., who says, “I chatted online with a [Norton expert]. He was very patient with me … because I was struggling a little bit with the operating system, he offered to remotely assist the computer and then he took over the task, which I was very thankful for….”

Social support keeps it personal

Social media platforms make it easier than ever for our voices to be heard around the world. If you tweet or comment at a point of frustation, Norton Social Support will hear you across the digital landscape, and will reach out to offer assistance.

Each query is treated uniquely, and no conversation is the same. The social team provides customised support for each customer, leaving traditional support methods behind. “We’re not robots, and we don’t read off scripts,” says Tim Lopez, Project Manager Social Customer Care. On Facebook Marian C. agrees, “Oh … a real person! I didn’t know I could use Facebook to get service. Wow, such a prompt service too.”

The social support experience could be equated to that of a small start-up company, yet with the capabilities of a global business — with 24x7 support via Twitter, and an average response time of 3 minutes and 49 seconds.  

@Sipl86 says, “Impressive that you responded so quick, thanks for that.” While @Nathanaos says, “@NortonSupport is the best, the way they help their customers is unreal. My issue occurred, then within the hour it’s fixed. Thanks …!”

The Norton Social Support team generates positive discussion by reaching out via social channels where people are not asking for help directly. “We don’t just search Facebook and Twitter, but all community forums across the Internet, like HP, Dell, Comcast, Yahoo Answers, Reddit, etc. Anywhere there are communities talking to each other, we want to be a part of that conversation,” says Tim.

The Norton Social Support team employs the very behavior that’s intrinsic to social platforms, by starting conversations and building rapport with customers. “We take the number of negative comments and see how many of them we can turn into positives, and ask, ‘What was the social team’s impact on the conversation and how did we shift the social landscape sentiment?’” says Tim.

In 2015, a customer satisfaction survey revealed customers rated their overall experience with the Norton Social Support team an average 9.2 out of 10.

The Norton team cares about what you say

The Norton Community forums facilitate open and honest discussion, resulting in genuine, free-flowing information and conversation, encouraging customers to help each other. “Yes, we have moderators but we let our users run and function as a community. We try not to get involved unless we have to,” says Tony Weiss, Social Project Manager.

Through your opinion and discussion you can make a difference in the troubleshooting of Norton products, and your input can help spur on the development of new product technologies. “We alert [the engineers] of trending issues in real time, and we have a close working relationship with them to make sure issues are dealt with quickly before they can develop into something worse,” he continues.

Our mission is to make you happy

We fix the problem before you know you have one. This proactive support approach means the dedicated Norton Support team doesn’t wait for you to act first. Engaging at the right time to offer a solution eliminates the need for the customer to contact support.

Since 2010, the Norton Social Support team has been breaking down the conventional support systems with innovative customer care approaches. “Connecting with customers is what we’ve been talking about forever, and there’s no greater connection than reaching out to them,” says Tony.

Compassion is at the core of all Norton Support experiences. David Coleman, Community and Social Manager, explains, “We help customers with genuine empathy that helps them feel like they have an insider friend at the company.”

Steve Burns, Senior Manager of Norton Support, shares the same consideration saying, “We’re not here to judge, we’re not here to shame, we just want to help.”

Technology in the antivirus service section is developing rapidly. What sets Norton apart is our outstanding support experience, and the peace of mind you get knowing you have global industry leaders supporting you in case of any serious online threats.

We hope you never need support — but if you do, rest assured you will receive first-rate service from a dedicated member of the Norton Support team.  

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We have an extensive security history and our pioneering spirit continues today. Our digital world is constantly changing, so at Norton we never rest. We’ve protected our customers and their data for 25 years — and we’re going to keep doing just that.

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