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We Evolve as the World Evolves

In keeping pace with innovation, we’re setting a standard for the future of security

Our digital world is constantly changing, so the team at Norton never rests. We have world-class technology and always-on security teams that stay a step ahead of online threats. This confidence gives us the freedom to change and evolve with the world around us while always keeping our customers protected.

Symantec is proud to be one of the original computer security leaders. We’ve been in the security business for 25 years, so you know you can rely on us. We make the products that help keep your identity safe — but we don’t stop there.

We’re stable but flexible

Norton has been part of Symantec since 1990, leveraging Symantec’s enterprise-grade technology for our consumer audience. Our combined product portfolios span a vast landscape of online security solutions, so the Norton products stay stable, even if we simplify some lines to focus on growing others. Being part of a Fortune 500 company gives us the benefit of enabling innovation while letting us stay flexible enough to withstand market or consumer shifts that would bankrupt smaller security companies or startups, and put their customers’ data at risk.

For example, the Norton team launched a cloud storage and backup product called Norton Zone in 2013, with unique security features. The upload process included data encryption, and all files were scanned for malware before they could be downloaded. Despite these innovative differentiating features, and due to late entry into a market crowded with competitors, Norton Zone was discontinued just one year later. Unlike less-reputable companies with fewer resources, Norton was able to make sure it did right by its customers. With their data security uppermost in mind, we directed existing customers to alternative solutions with other file-sharing companies, like Box, instead of leaving loyal customers in the dark and their data in the wild.

The next evolution: Norton Security with backup

We’ve been in the security business for a long time. And we plan to stay here. That means we learn from the past even as we move confidently into the future, evolving by being attuned to customers and thinking forward to the next big thing in security. Norton is antivirus, but it’s so much more.

Take Norton Security Premium. Now that being connected is ubiquitous, people use more and more mobile devices to stay in touch. Laptops, tablets and smartphones — we use them all, and they’re all vulnerable to cybercrime, loss or theft. That’s why Norton Security protects multiple devices and platforms, including PCs, Macs, and Android or iOS devices. In addition, Norton Security Premium goes one step further by keeping your most important data backed up. Think about the sense of helplessness you’d feel if your vacation or wedding photos were accidentally deleted from your PC. With Norton Security Premium, you can simply restore them from the cloud and avoid that crushing feeling of losing precious memories forever.

And beyond: Norton Family Premier

In looking to the future, we also believe that security shouldn’t end with products and services. Protecting Norton customers means more than securing their devices. It means safeguarding what means the most to them, in any way we can. That’s why we’ve developed Norton Family Premier, to help parents around the world teach their children to be smart explorers of the digital frontier. All parents want their children to grow up to be courageous and confident, but more than that, they want to keep their children safe.

Children are natural explorers. Everything is new to them. Children are also quick learners. And that’s where Norton Family Premier comes in — allowing moms and dads not only to keep a caring parental eye on kids’ online activities, but to also encourage them to start important conversations so their children learn to be safe online.

Norton Family Premier — in particularly high demand in Europe, where Internet service providers are required to provide parental controls — lets parents set how much time their kids can be online and even shows them snippets of the videos their children watch, so they know when they need to provide guidance.  

We change with our customers’ needs

Everybody talks about how our digital lives are going mobile. At Symantec we realise we’re already there, and we need to stay safe. Norton Mobile Security protects multiple mobile devices — Androids, iPads and iPhones — against digital threats and even secures them in the event of loss or theft.

Knowing that the typical smartphone owner downloads a multitude of apps, Norton introduced the ability for Android users to proactively make smart app selections. App Advisor, which won the AV-TEST Innovation Award 2015 in Mobile Security, lets users know about malware and privacy risks of apps before they’re downloaded from Google Play. In addition, App Advisor lets mobile users know if an app requires high battery or data plan usage, making it easy for mobile users to make an informed choice about what they are willing to trade for using a particular app.

“We chose the App Advisor technology, powered by Norton Mobile Insight, because we wanted to reward innovation instead of run-of-the-mill technology and features,” said Andreas Marx, CEO, AV-TEST. “There are a large number of manufacturers of security solutions, but when we see one that has gone beyond the basics of product development to introduce innovations to the market that solve for global challenges, we are compelled to reward and recognise the tremendous work.”

Innovating and evolving into the future

Technology continues to grow at the astonishing pace Moore’s Law predicted 50 years ago, enabling the invention of products like the Apple Watch. But with each new connected device come possible security vulnerabilities.

At Symantec we’re committed to a secure future for everyone, no matter where technology takes us. We promise to keep pace with innovation, challenging ourselves to build ever more advanced security software and to set a standard for the future of security. We’ll continue to change in response to customer needs, but we’ll also innovate and evolve new ways to protect our digital explorers well into the future.  

Security Experts

It takes a non-stop operation to stay one step ahead of the more than 80,000 new malware threats that appear every day. Meet the seasoned security experts on our STAR team, who spend their days battling on the frontline of digital crime.

Service & Support

With a team of over 1,700 customer care experts dotted around the globe, Norton ensures easily accessible support no matter your location. In fact, we’re so confident in our award-winning protection and quality support services that we offer a money-back guarantee. 

Technology Leadership

Over the last 25 years, we’ve built a rich and widespread intelligence network, constantly gathering data on threats from over 40 million endpoints in over 150 countries. That data is what drives our protection, enabling it to stop even emerging threats that nobody’s ever seen before.


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