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Marian Merritt, Internet Safety Advocate

As a dedicated Web user, I'm delighted to be Norton's Internet Safety Advocate. I aim to provide consumer-friendly insights into the technology issues impacting us all. With ten years of experience helping to create great Norton software products, I'm committed to protecting consumers like you.

Read Marian's answers to these recent questions:

  • Q. Does Norton offer parental controls?
    A. Parental controls management is available with Norton Internet Security and Norton 360. Antispam software is also included. Norton Family, a smarter way to keep your kids safe online, is available for free.
  • Q. What is cyberbullying, and what can I do about it?

    A. Cyberbullying is a nasty phenomenon wherein people use electronic communication to harm others. With so many kids using email, social networking, and even texting from cell phones, there is more direct communication than ever before. Unlike offline forms of communication, such as telephone conversations, however, these "chats" and "messages" are being digitally stored somewhere. So, they can be forwarded to someone other than the original recipient, they can be edited to distort the communication, and they can be published to different places (such as to a blog or social network profile page). Once the communication is "out there," you have lost control of it.

    Teach your children to be thoughtful with their words and to consider how a message might be abused or altered. Discuss with children the need to watch their words and deeds and consider the feelings of others.

    Should your children become victims of cyberbullying, talk with them about the event and discuss how to cope with it. Involve teachers and administrators at their school. Don't hesitate to contact other parents--they may have no idea what is going on. Children should be empowered by technology, not made victims of it.

  • Q. How do I add my Norton product to another computer?

    A. If you own one of our security suites like Norton Internet Security or Norton 360, your product includes a license good for up to three computers in your home. To add your product to another computer, you will need your product key to complete the installation. Most likely you were sent the product key (a string of letters and numbers) in your emailed store receipt (if you purchased at our online store), or it was in your product's original packaging.

    If you no longer have the product key available, visit your Norton account to recover it. Here's a helpful webpage with step-by-step instructions on what to do next.

  • Q. I assume that my Internet Service Provider (ISP) gives me all the protection I need for online safety. Is that true?

    A. Many ISPs do offer increased levels of protection to help you manage your online safety. But as a consumer, you have to select these programs and understand what is left for you to manage yourself. Many of the services from ISPs require separate downloads, higher-priced subscriptions, and ongoing management. Some even describe their service as "reinforcing" traditional security software. For more information on products you can buy for online safety, go to Products & Services.

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